Voices of the Delta: Juror Kevin Cole

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Guest juror Kevin Cole examines works featured in the 61st Annual Delta Exhibition

Good art is the result of intelligent decision making.

– Professor Tarrence Corbin

As an artist/educator, these words often come into play when I am looking at art, thinking about art, and making art. A native Arkansan, I grew up hearing about Delta Exhibition from my high school art teacher, Ms. Mary Ann Stafford. Later, when I enrolled at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, my college professors, John Howard, Tarrence Corbin, Henri Linton and Earnest Davidson, also reinforced how important this show was in the state, region and nation. All would be so excited about entering this exhibition.

However, it was the late Tarrence Corbin who explained to me the importance of this exhibition and how it launched his art career. Professor Corbin won the grand prize in 1975 with a painting entitled Homage to Alberti Landscape #5.

 As I traveled with him back and forth to the Arkansas Arts Center where he taught evening classes, he introduced me to Townsend Wolfe, Al Allen, Aj Smith, Kathleen Holder and Jack White. Corbin often talked about how impressed he was with the Arkansas Arts Center’s collection of works on paper. Later, I found out it is considered to be one of the best collections in the country.

Continuing the tradition started so many years ago, I believe this year’s Delta exhibition brings a different energy, different synergy, and different sound that speaks to the signs of the times. There are many provocative works among this year’s entrants. Within the entries you will find works that challenge one’s intellect on what art is and what art can be, other works that are also quite painterly. It is indeed an honor and blessing to be the juror for the 61st Annual Delta Exhibition.

– Juror Kevin Cole

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