Voices of the Delta: Tammy Harrington

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Tammy Harrington, Chrysanthemum, 2017, intaglio print and cut paper, 20 x 16 inches

My artwork is influenced by the Chinese folk art of paper cut. The crisp graphic appearance of paper cut appeals to my sensibility as a printmaker. My work is a blending of my interpretations of traditional Chinese designs into personalized figurative compositions. Initially in my print work, the paper cut designs appeared as textures and patterns that melded with the figure. I took the next step and actually cut into the paper and printed surface. The combination of the papercut with other media shifts the idea of space to be both dimensional and flat. The use of pattern (printed and cut out) depicts the figure as it exists in an ephemeral state, in a place between reality and the mystical. The delicate lines combine with bold shapes and color to create visual movement and vibration.

– Tammy Harrington

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