Voices of the Delta: Ron Burcham

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Ron Burcham, born in Benton, Arkansas, lives in Benton, Arkansas, Bonaire, 2017, red grandis eucalyptis and white oak, 48 x 24 x 38 inches

From an old-growth White Oak tree to a bridge timber, to being repurposed as a support member in a barn, it was decades before the wood became mine. When I cut into it, I discovered the beautiful wood that started and sustained the Arts and Crafts movement. As a novice woodworker, I didn’t realize what I had and made things a lesser-quality wood would have been better suited for. But one valuable insight I gained was that every piece of wood has a story, which inspired my love of wood and woodworking.

Trees stand in one place and witness history. Around the world, trees form sacred groves, observing rites and rituals. Trees can also be transformed into some of the most beautiful objects in our lives. This is why I have a reverence for wood.

– Ron Burcham

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