Voices of the Delta: Pokley Alrutz

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Pokey Alrutz, 3 in 1, 2016, collage, 14 x 32 inches

Even though I have had full time jobs until I retired in 2011, art has always been a major part of my life.  I express myself visually far more than with any other sense.

While I have had some formal training as an Art major in college, my creative development has been the result of constant activity across many genres.

My artistic endeavors grew from simple line drawings that were filled with abstract forms to colorful paintings on canvas, fabric art and tapestries, and more recently to collage.  When I began doing collage after retirement, it was like starting over but I already had a good sense of design, color, and composition to work with.  My earlier collages were two dimensional and elementary yet fun. With practice I began to make collages as I would make a painting.  My final compositions have been described as seamless, unique, and often of worlds that don’t exist – my friends like to call them “Pokey’s world”.

Art has always taken me to a place that is beautiful, unique, and intriguing.  My work often tells a story that can be viewed differently by each person and I love to learn what they see.

I have tremendous respect and interest in a broad spectrum of artists from many different styles and periods.  In my own small way I am happy to be a part of that community.

– Pokey Alrutz

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