Voices of the Delta: John Allison

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John Allison, Diptych – Bike Ride South, 2018, oil, cold wax and mixed media, 60 x 96 x 2 inches

As a painter, I find inspiration in all that I see all of the time. Chartreuse moss on a wet sidewalk, a stripped bare concrete floor, tangled geometry and colors as I ride my bike across a bridge, the memory of a dream with an unimagined color combination.

Yet, the act of painting is another reality. Interacting with the medium, the mark, the mistake on the surface draws me into and away from my visions. It happens in the moment and is not unlike a trance.

Striving for sense of order in the end, I allow myself to begin with chaotic gestures. There’s a set of rules, but only to be broken. I want colors to challenge: to fight, confuse and seduce. Always texture and glimpses of what went before with marks both precise and brash.

I strive for work that speaks a private truth to each viewer.

– John Allison

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