Voices of the Delta: Hannah Moll

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Hannah Moll, Agricultural Horizon, 2017, laser etching and acrylic on panel, 36 x 32 inches

Moving paint across the canvas and soil across the earth –both are part of an additive and subtractive process. This movement cultivates a future for new growth. When paint glides across the canvas, transparency gives way to underlying information- color, texture, and form. It is a generative process layering data, giving way to a new interpretation. Painting naturally lends itself to an experiential, ephemeral, and phenomenological approach to analysis based on these properties. As a landscape designer, painting enriches and enhances site analysis providing a way to discover and analyze both quantitative and qualitative information.

Painting is a powerful tool that has the ability to cross objective and subjective boundaries. It breathes the life of a captured moment into the present. My responsibility is to capture and recreate these meaningful moments. Each of my paintings of the Arkansas Agricultural Research and Extension Center tells a new story- sometimes untold, hidden, or an obscure part of daily life. This land speaks its own language through hydrology, geology, and ecology; it is a dialect interpreted by the people who cultivate the land and a conversation that continues to evolve each season. When viewing my paintings, each observer experiences the landscape through a lens of research, analysis, and brushstrokes unique to my own conversation.

– Hannah Moll

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