Voices of the Delta: Daniel Franke

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Daniel Franke, Wishbone, 2018, pine and mortar pigment, 66 x 20 x 3 1/2 inches

It would be interesting to believe that my preference for wood as a medium is rooted in millennia of forebearers wresting survival out of every inch of a tree, but it’s probably much less romantic than that. I enjoy making sculptures out of wood simply because it’s intuitive and malleable. I am able to create nuanced forms that come directly into reality much more quickly than when I work with stone or metal. The route of an inspiration seems to flow with more ease from my head, through my hands and into the medium when dealing with wood.

The piece “Wishbone” comes from a long line of related works. I began creating them as self-portraits portraying me as a loose wishbone form that expressed a desire to return to a time before this time. It is a pretty romanticized concept, but pretty straightforward as well.

These forms are not self-portraits anymore, but they can be very figurative, sometimes totemic, and always very subjective. They appear to me to be warm figures or even moments of memory or of some kind of transcendent moment that is private by accident, almost beyond temporary but exhibiting a plodding grace. Another medium would change the transmission entirely; the wood makes it real and warm and somehow more human.

– Daniel Franke

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