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Miranda Young instructs aspiring young screen printers

Miranda Young instructs aspiring young screen printers

Miranda Young is no stranger to the Arts Center. She took classes as a child, has been an instructor in the Museum School for the past decade, is the scenic designer and properties manager for the Children’s Theatre and is even the proud mother of a Museum School student. Soon she will add one more AAC title to her repertoire: featured Museum School Gallery artist.

From February 23 through May 29, 2016, a collection of Miranda’s drawings and prints will be on display in the Museum School Gallery. Visitors will be treated to a menagerie of predators and prey.

“I love to draw, print and sculpt foxes, coyotes, snakes and wolves,” Young said. “I spend a lot of time researching animals, looking at pictures as well as observing them in nature.”

She often depicts the animals outside of their natural habitats in order to “focus the picture” so viewers can focus on the animal’s posture and the perceived meanings of those postures.

dsc_8001_21262333369_oYoung was first drawn to printmaking by the sense of community of the artists. And while she also creates a lot of sculpture, Young appreciates the speed with which she can convey her ideas through printmaking.

“I focus on linoleum and silk screen. It’s faster—you can get in there and play with ideas.”

Animals remain a focus in her sculpture where she often creates handmade taxidermy plaques as the base of her work.miranda-young-5_21280217619_o

“I would say my work is about 50-50 sculpture to printmaking.” In fact, Young considered a major in sculpture when she first began studying at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Today, she is working to expand her collection. “I am currently working on several new sculptures that include coyotes, foxes and maybe a bat. I’m stuck on coyotes right now because I have been seeing them in the wild and am amazed by how large and beautiful they are.”

Her work within the Children’s Theatre is more collaborative. “I read the script, learn the story and develop an idea of what I think the space looks like and then share that with our design team. We work collaboratively to develop a concept and the design from there. It’s a very rewarding process to see everyone’s ideas come together to make a cohesive picture.”

While her work in the Children’s Theatre provides her with a lot of teaching moments, the majority of her teaching is done in the Museum School through her Introduction to Printmaking and Open Studio classes. Young is particularly fond of the Open Studio classes wherein she brings some of her own works and offers demonstrations.miranda-young-6_20844416714_o

“You get to show them how to get from an idea to actually creating a collection of their own,” she said.

“They already have an idea of where they’re headed, so we talk about their goals on the first night and I get to help them get there.”

While the AAC has long been her home-away-from-home, Young values her roles within the Museum School and Children’s Theatre. “The AAC has given me the opportunity to make art all day as my job—it feeds my need to make art and I appreciate that.”

Want to see more of Miranda’s art? Make plans to attend the Museum School Sale, Saturday, November 14, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., and visit her booth! Interested in trying print making for yourself? Register now for winter classes:

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