Voices of the Delta: Mabry Turner

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Mabry Turner, American Made: Greed, Lust, & Lost Love, 2018, oil, oak bark mosaic, moss, lichen, carved wood, beans, wasp nest, money on plywood, 74 x 32 x 5 inches, Grand Award

I describe my art as Contemporary Surrealism, readily identifiable images in thought-provoking contexts. I paint stories. My pieces often elicit a smile, for passionate as I am about subject matter, much of my art is whimsical, reflecting an irreverent sense of humor.

My current work, life-size cutouts called “Elementals,” explores the human condition. Certain constants, universal commonalities of environment and character (good and bad) determine man’s behavior. Using natural materials and familiar objects I try to portray the complex ideas and emotions, traits and flaws, that make us who we are.

– Mabry Turner

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