Voices of the Delta: John Green

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John Green, Toys and a Book, 2017, drawn from life on an iPad, archival inkjet on rag, 12 5/8 x 17 3/4 inches

Some of my recent work is made with a stylus on an iPad. The tablet frees me to make finished work directly from subjects and in places where traditional paints are impractical or too conspicuous. This broadens the range of subjects from which the painter can work, unfiltered by photography or preparatory sketches.

The tools of digital painting have evolved to the point that they feel very natural to me. Still, I am quite conscious of many differences between the processes and products of painting digitally versus the use of physical pigments. Digital painting has no physicality and no fixed scale. Changes can be unmade and remade easily. There is nothing of the destructive quality intrinsic to traditional painting. My digital paintings are only paintings at all in that they are mark by mark constructions of an image on a flat plane.

I use software that does not affect qualities of traditional pigments. I prefer flat, unbroken pieces of color with no emulation of physical brushes or the slippage of wet paint. Even printed, these paintings should reflect that they were made on a computer.

– John Green

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