Voices of the Delta: David Bailin

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I have never thought much about memory and personality, never considered the role memory plays in personality and the preservation and continuity of that personality in lived space. As an artist who is now witnessing the shattering of my father’s personhood through the shattering of his memory, the question is, how to convey this devastating personal, human, experience without relying on visual clichés. The final image in any of my drawings is largely the result … Read More

Getting Creative with Creating

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By Robert Bean Chair, AAC Museum School Drawing Department Artists use lots of materials to make their work. Sheet after sheet of paper. Roll after roll of canvas. A pound of clay here, a pound of clay there. It’s expensive. Period. So what happens when you teach art? You need materials so students can grow into the creativity you see peeking out already. But those resources might be just out of your budget, or you don’t have easy access to … Read More